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It’s been a feast. A feast of football & nations, colors & fans, hosts & brands. Following the success of STUDIO B (a collaboration with our friends from BRIGHT Tradeshow during the 2012 UEFA European Championship) we teamed up with ZweiDrei Architekten and Cookies for the 2014 World Championship.

The result: Ländereck 2014 – featuring a series of guest hosts such as Voo Store, WoodWood, EASYdoesit, Airbnb, Standert Bicycles, Cee Cee Newsletter, Civilist Shop, Lodown Magazine, Looky Looky, Our/Berlin Vodka, Pointer Footwear, eVe without adam, Floor5, BRIGHT Tradeshow as special host, and Pimm’s No1 for refreshing pitchers.

The reward: Big memories, and Germany as football world champion for the 4th time!