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It’s been a feast. A feast of football & nations, colors & fans, hosts & brands. Following the success of STUDIO B (a collaboration with our friends from BRIGHT Tradeshow during the 2012 UEFA European Championship) we teamed up with ZweiDrei Architekten and Cookies for the 2014 World Championship.

The result: Ländereck 2014 – featuring a series of guest hosts such as Voo Store, WoodWood, EASYdoesit, Airbnb, Standert Bicycles, Cee Cee Newsletter, Civilist Shop, Lodown Magazine, Looky Looky, Our/Berlin Vodka, Pointer Footwear, eVe without adam, Floor5, BRIGHT Tradeshow as special host, and Pimm’s No1 for refreshing pitchers.

The reward: Big memories, and Germany as football world champion for the 4th time!

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ZweiDrei Raum

Raum means space. Space means freedom.

With the ZweiDrei Raum we discovered a new found freedom to execute brand new event formats, video and photo productions, as well as workshops and presentations. The industrial building finds itself caught in amongst an inspiring contrast of subway high lines, and green parks with blue pools.

Besides our summer highlight, Ländereck 2014, the venue played host to a variety of audiences and purposes, for which we uniquely adapted the format to suit.

Our spectrum of events covered the adidas Mark Gonzales exhibition, workshops by the Rietveld Academy, Berlin Art Prize parties, movie presentations, plus many more.


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Supra vs Highsnobiety Party

We’ve had this picture in our minds for a very long time!

When Supra and Highsnob asked us to set up their Magazine Launch Party during Berlin Fashion Week in Summer 2013, we knew it was time to release it. 

Thank you exceedingly Supra & Highsnob for letting this dream come true!

Pics by Philippe Gerlach & Max Jurisch


July 2013